Can I schedule your next appointment?

Appointments are necessary to ensure your Me-Time at the Salon.

If  you were unable to pre-book at your last visit (always your best bet), 

please call 845-610-5370 or visit salonlucere.com/online-booking. 

Enjoy the benefits of pre-booking, see “Lucere Perks”.

Oh, this traffic!

We want you to fully enjoy your time with us, so please arrive

promptly for your service. While we make every effort to

accommodate late arrivals, if you are more than fifteen minutes late,

your service may have to be altered or rescheduled and our

cancellation policy will apply. We’ll take responsibility, too and call you if your Stylist is running more than fifteen minutes late.

You can’t come in? Oh No!

The time you reserve with us is just for you. When appointments are

missed or cancelled without sufficient notice, we are often unable to

fill the vacancy, causing a substantial financial impact. We

understand that things happen, so if you need to cancel or reschedule

your appointment, please give us 24-hours advanced notice. If that’s

not possible, our Cancellation Policy will take effect: day-of

cancellations will result in a charge equal to 50% of the scheduled

services; missed appointments will result in a charge equal to 100%

of the scheduled services.

It’s new! It’s you!

In order to schedule a specialty service, such as a transformational

color or keratin treatment, a complimentary pre-service consultation

with your Stylist is a must. At that time, a non-refundable deposit of

$100 is required to make it official. While it may seem inconvenient

to come in just for a consultation, please understand that our goal is

to ensure that you’re scheduled correctly for all of the services

required to create your new look! The $100 deposit will be subtracted

from your final bill. Cancellation policy: day-of cancellations will

result in a charge of 50% of the deposit; missed appointments will

result in a charge of 100% of the deposit.

Wait, WHAT??

When we select your services and formulate your color, our choices

are based on your hair history and the information that you provide

during pre-service consultations. For the best outcome (with no

surprises) we need your complete hair history. Even the smallest

detail that may not seem important to you could make or break your

outcome! For this reason, we will not assume responsibility for any

adverse reactions to services when we were not informed of

contraindicating conditions, including but not limited to medications

(see “Medications That Hate Your Hair”), topical treatments (such as

Rogaine® or chlorine) and previous chemical treatments (such as

perms, relaxers, and our favorite… box color).

OMG, Did I tell you about…

We hope that our Salon is a place for you to escape reality for a little

while! With that in mind, we ask that you silence your cell phone

upon your arrival and refrain from making or receiving calls during

your visit. We understand that this is especially difficult when your

color is processing, but to ensure a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere

for all guests, we ask to resist (would a text suffice?). If you simply

have to take that call, please ask any team member to escort you to a

more private place to talk.

This isn’t what you thought it was?

It is our pleasure to provide you with a refund (credit) or exchange

any unused hair care product that was purchased at the Salon within

ten days. Don’t forget your original receipt!

When you just don’t recognize that reflection…

To ensure that you receive the look you’ll love, our Stylists perform

thorough pre-service consultations that require your honest input,

participation, and feedback. Should your outcome not match your

expectation, please don’t hesitate to voice your concern-if you’re not

happy, neither are we! While we do not offer service refunds, we will

make every reasonable effort to bring back the love for your locks. If

you didn’t already speak with your Stylist, please contact Devyn

McGrath, Salon Coordinator, within seven days of your service at

(845) 610-5370 or devyn@salonlucere.com

Your says Yes, but your hair says No Way! 

More than anything, we want you to have a great experience at our

salon and leave happy with the work we do. Yet sometimes, the

desired service will be inadvisable, and although you may really,

really want it, the risks do not outweigh the reward. Please trust the

judgement of our trained professionals to make that call and allow us

to create an alternative plan. We’ll get you there, but it may take a bit

longer – remember that we love healthy hair!

Are you in the right place?

Sometimes instead of a trip to the salon, it’s a dermatologist who can

fix you up. Certain conditions like head lice or open wounds from

eczema or psoriasis will require medical treatments that NYS law

prohibits salon professionals from diagnosing or treating. Please

understand that if your professional determines that you are

ineligible for salon services, we will happily and discretely refer you

to one of our favorite physicians. When your condition has been

resolved, you are more than welcome to return and enjoy salon

services again.

Got kids?

We love children and at the same time, we strive to provide all guests

with a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Feedback from most kids: boring!

Please arrange for child care (a must for kids aged 6 and under) prior

to your appointment to ensure happiness for all.